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Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance for Online Fitness Classes

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Online Fitness Class Instructor Insurance

Get comprehensive public liability and professional indemnity insurance designed for online personal trainers. The Professional Fitness insurance policy covers both live online fitness classes and pre recorded classes.

Whether you are looking to start a virtual personal training career or are already a fitness instructor looking to take your classes online, then Professional Fitness insurance is here to arrange cover for you.

Why Would a Virtual Personal Trainer Need Insurance?

Hundreds of thousands of accidents occur each year that are fitness related. Insurance for accidents with personal trainers usually focus on traditional, in-person training sessions. However, even as an online personal trainer, you will still face many of the same potential liabilities as when training someone in-person.

Insurance is your financial protection against claims and other forms of loss that can befall you at some point during a career. For online personal trainer insurance, this relates to both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability. These two forms of insurance are designed to cover claims relating to the services you provide, as well as the general act of you conducting your business.

Types of Liability Insurance for Online Personal Trainers

Let’s look at the different levels of protection for professional instructors offering live online personal training classes.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance is protection against the costs of a third party claim for injuries or damage to property that occurred as a result of you providing training. This normally relates to a physical space and exercise environment and could arise if you conduct your online classes in a third party location or you use your home and a visitor in your home is injured. Your home insurance may not provide suitable protection as you would have been running a business from home.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity insurance is coverage for injuries or property damage as a result of you specifically providing your fitness instructor services. These claims may be related to a client that alleges your online fitness instruction caused them injury or damaged their property in some way. A client may allege that your fitness program left them with an injured back which has required treatment. They may then make a demand that you pay for their treatment bills and other costs like lost wages.

When the client decides to file a claim, legal defence costs may be necessary. Without professional indemnity insurance, these costs could become your responsibility.

Product Liability

Product Liability insurance for fitness gear and accessories are often vital components of the routine. If an accident occurs on a piece of equipment you instructed a client to use or with a product you recommended, you could face a claim related to product liability. That’s why our program provides all the way up to £1 million in total for these types of claims.

Stolen fitness equipment coverage

If a robbery by force were to take your vital fitness gear or even your camera and other video streaming equipment, you can claim up to £1,000 to help cover the costs to replace the items.

Online Fitness Class Instructor

Which types of activity are covered?

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Optional Extras

Personal Accident Insurance
  • Accidental Death up to £5,000
  • Loss of Limb(s), Eye(s), Speech or Hearing up to £50,000
  • Permanent Total Disablement up to £50,000
  • Temporary Total Disablement*

* Benefit payable for 52 weeks excluding the first fourteen days. 75% of average weekly earnings up to a maximum of £100.00 p.w.

Sports Massage Insurance

Providing cover for sports massage and stretch techniques for £49.80 including insurance premium tax and administration fee.

Portable Business Equipment

Portable Business Equipment is an additional policy which is separate to Liability Insurance.

If you wish to add Portable Business Equipment insurance – please call us on 0345 209 8503 to buy in addition to this policy.

Additional Information

Insurance arranged by Professional Fitness can cover when you coach remotely, including hosting live classes and workouts or uploading pre-recorded instructional videos, provided:

  • you are suitably qualified to coach the exercise activity
  • online classes must be via a closed network to your members only
  • you ask class participants to check their surroundings are clear for the session and free from distractions, such as children or pets, you specify at the start of classes that your coaching is a means of general guidance and motivation. It is the participant’s responsibility to be aware of their own capabilities and do what they are comfortable with. Medical advice should be sought by the participant if there is any doubt
  • you remind participants of the need to remain hydrated during the class
  • you remind participants to ensure that the area is free from distractions, such as children, pets or trailing wires

If you are coaching vulnerable adults or anyone under 18, then there are potential safeguarding points you will need to consider:

  • Whether your coaching and training qualifications are specific to coaching the age group in the class
  • Gain written consent from the participant’s parents/guardians. Explain the purpose of the training, the timings and on what platform, etc
  • Use an online-sharing platform to avoid requiring any of the participants’ contact details (other than their parents’/guardians’), and only use them for the purpose of the training
  • Avoid requiring access to any of the participants’ contact details (other than their parents’/guardians’)
  • Do not make contact with class participants outside of your coaching sessions unless you have explicit consent from a parental/guardian
  • Ensure that you and your participants wear appropriate clothing at all times